Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to report corrupt activity to the ITIA?

We all have a duty to keep corruption out of our sport and under the TACP all players and covered persons are required to report any knowledge or suspicion of corrupt activity.

What is a betting alert?

A betting alert is a notification from a betting operator to the ITIA that unusual betting patterns are occurring during a certain tennis match. Unusual betting activity can be an indicator of corrupt activity or match fixing.

What is a provisional suspension?

A provisional suspension temporarily prohibits a covered person from participation or involvement in any professional Tennis Event prior to the final decision on the offense with which they have been charged under the TACP.

A provisional suspension may be put in place by an Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer prior to the full charge being considered. The player is considered innocent until proven otherwise in full proceedings.

What is a Covered Person?

A Covered Person is someone who is subject to the rules of the TACP, due to their role within professional Tennis. This includes players, coaches, officials, agents and tournament staff.

If Law Enforcement are investigating players, will the ITIA also take action and when?

The ITIA works closely and alongside Law Enforcement during any criminal investigations into match fixing in our sport. The ITIA may take action against players during or following completion of a criminal investigation when permitted to do so by law.

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