Some medical conditions require the use of a substance or a method that is on the Prohibited List and for this a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is required.

A TUE permits athletes to use the prohibited medication or method without committing an Anti-Doping Rule Violation - providing that all such use is in accordance with the conditions of the TUE.

More information about TUEs can be found in this WADA guide (external link)

Applications for TUEs

All applications for a Therapeutic Use Exemptions must be made through the online TUE Portal.

TUEs are required for events covered by the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme: Events sanctioned by the ATP, WTA, ITF and the Grand Slams.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions must be made here, through the online TUE Portal link below:

TUE Application Portal

National Anti-Doping Agency Recognition

For players who have had a TUE granted by their National Anti-Doping Agency, an application must be made for Recognition through the TUE Portal, 30 days prior to participating in a covered event. The conditions of any TUE granted by a National Anti-Doping Agency may be amended prior to being recognised under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme. For further information, see the ‘Mutual Recognition’ section on the TADP/TUE Portal.

Retroactive TUEs

Retroactive TUEs may only be granted in exceptional circumstances where there was insufficient time or opportunity for an applicant to submit, or a TUE Committee to consider, an application prior to Doping Control.

Glucocorticoids and TUEs

WADA has issued advice concerning the recent changes in rules concerning Glucocorticoids and TUEs.

Use of a prohibited substance without a valid TUE is at the players’ own risk.

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