Italian tennis player Walter Trusendi (30) and French player Elie Rousset (25) have been suspended and fined after being found guilty of an offence under the 2014 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (Program).

In a case involving both players at the same tournament in 2014, each party admitted to breaching Section D.1.d of the Program: “No Covered Person shall, directly or indirectly, contrive or attempt to contrive the outcome or any other aspect of any Event”.

Walter Trusendi has been suspended for a period of 6 months, during which time he cannot participate in or attend any tournament or competition organised or sanctioned by the governing bodies of professional tennis. He was also fined USD $5,000.

Elie Rousset has been suspended for a period of 6 months, with 3 months suspended subject to good behaviour. He has been fined USD $5,000, with $2,000 to be paid before the end of the 3 month period of ineligibility, and the remainder suspended subject to good behaviour.

Both suspensions apply with immediate effect. 

Independent Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer Jane Mulcahy QC considered the case, which was based on a Tennis Integrity Unit investigation, and imposed the sanctions. 

Consistent with the confidentiality of the Anti-Corruption Hearing process, no further details will be made public.

The Tennis Integrity Unit is an initiative of the Grand Slam Board, the International Tennis Federation, the ATP World Tour and the WTA, who are jointly committed to a zero tolerance approach to corruption in tennis. 

Published 25 March 2015 11:38

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