The TIU is aware of the emergence of new tennis events and exhibitions in certain countries during the current lockdown of the professional game. 

 To date, these events have been privately organised and not sanctioned or recognised by the international governing bodies of tennis. As such they are not subject to the sport’s anti-corruption rules (TACP - Tennis Anti-Corruption Program). But professional players, officials and support staff who participate in them and who are registered with the ATP, WTA and ITF will continue to be Covered Persons. This means they will still be subject to anti-corruption rules. The TIU has issued guidance to players in this respect. 

The TIU has, upon request, provided integrity-related information to some organisers. This does not constitute advice and can in no way be seen as an endorsement or approval of any event that does not come under its jurisdiction. 

 It is vital that as these new events begin to appear they regard integrity as a non-negotiable central priority to reduce any risk of match-fixing and betting-related corruption.


Published 01 May 2020 07:00

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