TIU Education and Training update

The reach and content of the TIU’s dedicated Education and Training program continued to expand during the second quarter of 2018. Notable activities and events included:

  • the launch of a distinctive new brand for TIU Education, which is now being applied to all resources
  • development of new modules for the online Tennis Integrity Protection Program (TIPP),  to  be introduced at the end of 2018
  • completion of a new guidance document for players and officials completing TIPP
  • new content and upgrade for the TIU App, which will be launched in August

The Education team also worked extensively with partners in tennis and the wider sporting, law enforcement and betting sectors to deliver presentations and education to:

  • Roland Garros and Wimbledon – education briefings for officials, players and juniors
  • the Global Lottery Monitoring System AGM, including a new data sharing agreement
  • the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Safeguarding Sport Conference for government officials from over 60 nations and representatives from IOC, Interpol, Council of Europe and International Federations
  • IOC Interpol Fact Finders training and development course for UK Sports Governing Bodies

TIU Match Alert Data: April to June 2018

During the second quarter of 2018, April to June inclusive, the TIU received a total of 86 match alerts through its confidential Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with gambling regulators and leading betting organisations. The average number of alerts for the second quarter period over the past three years (2015-17) is 60. The increased figure for 2018 is largely the result of additional monitoring and reporting through a number of new MoUs. The ITF Futures (56) and ATP Challenger (14) tours accounted for 70 of the 86 alerts.


Total Match Alerts

Grand Slam

ATP Tour

WTA Tour

ATP Men’s Challenger

ITF Men’s Futures

ITF Women’s

Hopman, Davis, Fed Cups 

April to June 2018









During the period 31,586 matches were played across all tournaments and events, with the 86 alerts featuring on 0.272% of those matches.

Note: the figures above extend beyond the cut-off point of 30 June to include all matches played at Wimbledon.

TIU match alert policy

  • every alert reported to the TIU is recorded, assessed and followed up as an indicator that something inappropriate may have happened.  It is important to appreciate that an alert on its own is not evidence of match-fixing;
  • there are many reasons other than corrupt activity that can explain unusual betting patterns, such as incorrect odds-setting; well-informed betting; player fitness, fatigue and form; playing conditions and personal circumstances;
  • where analysis of a match alert does suggest corrupt activity, the TIU will conduct a full, confidential investigation.

Independent Review Panel Recommendations

The Interim Report published by the Independent Review Panel on 25 April 2018 put forward recommendations for the sport to consider in moving towards a comprehensive new infrastructure to combat betting-related corruption. These are currently subject to a consultation process.  A Final Report is expected during the autumn. The Interim Report and its supporting Record of Evidence and Analysis can be viewed at www.tennisirp.com

Disciplinary Sanctions April to June 2018 

Between April and June four players received disciplinary sanctions for breaches of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program; Barlaham Zuluaga Gaviria, Dmytro Badanov, Federico Coria and Nicolas Kicker.

Please note that these sanctions have previously been announced by the TIU and are included here as a retrospective record:





Next issue

The next issue of the TIU Briefing Note will be published in early October 2018.  To be added to the circulation and for general enquiries, contact mark.harrison@tennisintegritytunit.com.

Published 19 July 2018 03:00

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