A large part of the ITIA’s work focuses on education and working alongside our colleagues at the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the ITIA education team has been talking to some of the younger players coming through the ranks about the importance of integrity in tennis and how the ITIA can support them on their journey in the sport.

Keeping to the 2020/21 theme, the sessions took place online with players from South America who currently receive Grand Slam Development Fund support. The sessions were an opportunity for the young players to discuss some of their off-court responsibilities and learn more about the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) rules.

Solana Sierra from Argentina, who is currently ranked #38 in ITF Junior rankings was one of the attendees of the course.

“I already knew about the subject [match fixing] but I was surprised at the lengths that people can go to fix and threaten to fix a match,” she said. “I learned about the importance of knowing about this issue – and the consequences of breaking the rules. I know I can always ask the ITIA for help.”

Alvaro Guillen from Ecuador is currently ranked #31 in the ITF Junior rankings took a lot from the session. “I was surprised and a little scared that someone could approach me to bet and fix matches and that they could threaten me,” he commented. “The session helped me to understand that you always have to do the right thing and if someone comes to talk to you about gambling or match fixing that I can easily report it with the ITIA app.”

The sessions with Grand Slam Development Fund players continue will continue throughout the rest of 2021. Last year, despite the Covid restrictions, the ITIA Education team delivered online sessions to over 1,400 individuals including players ranked from #1 to #1706 across all tours.

Published 25 June 2021 11:00

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