With a significant swing of events under way or on the horizon in Central and South America, the ITIA is warning players about the risks of meat contamination in the region.

Steroids can sometimes be used to promote growth in cattle and other animals bred for meat in certain countries which if consumed, can show up in Anti-Doping tests. In some cases, under World Anti-Doping Agency rules, this may result in a mandatory provisional suspension whilst the matter is investigated.

Players are being urged to understand the risks of eating meat in these regions during tournaments – and potentially seek other sources of protein where possible. If consuming meat, try to confirm where it comes from (US-sourced meat is generally safer), eat with other players and keep photos and receipts from all meals.

The ITIA is distributing posters to be displayed at tournaments and working with the international tennis bodies to ensure the message is distributed as widely as possible.

The ITIA’s Senior Director of Anti-Doping Nicole Sapstead said, “Meat contamination is rare, but does happen. For the events happening in South and Central America, we would advise players to try and find other sources of protein. But if they are eating meat, there is safety in numbers – eat together, try to eat similar dishes and keep receipts and photographs.”  

Published 11 October 2022 14:00

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